Solar Project Finance: Turning Sunlight Into Green

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How do you pay for large-scale solar power plants when you need millions to start building, but receive payout over decades? Serious solar energy finance professionals will want to hear structured asset finance and valuation expert Ken Kramer present and answer questions about renewable energy project financing concepts applicable to utility scale solar projects, with a focus on US projects utilizing tax-oriented financing structures.

Ken will describe the mechanics and market participants involved in non-recourse project financing. He will also review currently available US Federal tax benefits for renewable energy projects and tax-efficient transaction structures that have evolved to utilize those benefits. Valuation issues associated with these structures will also be covered.

Students at Cornell and Columbia have recently had the opportunity to hear Ken lecture on this topic. This FREE webinar is your chance to do the same, plus attend the LIVE webinar to find out how to employ these concepts in your 2013 business strategy when Ken answers your questions during a LIVE Q & A segment following his presentation.