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here is a placeholder for a possible Ken Kramer or other REIT presenter. 


With the expiration of the 1603 cash grant, the limited supply of tax equity and the challenges facing the European banking sector, the renewable energy project finance market is tightening, and is less able to utilize existing tax incentives for project development. Pass-through structures such as the real estate investment trust (REIT) may offer an alternative financing tool that is both well established in the capital markets and can function as an effective conduit for tax benefits associated with renewable energy projects.
By broadening the definition of REIT qualifying income, and allowing REITs to invest in incentive-eligible personal property used for renewable power generation, a significant new investor base could be tapped for renewable energy finance. The REIT community is already lobbying to permit investment in rooftop solar systems on REIT-owned properties, and this could be an important first step toward dedicated solar REITs.
My new article describes the existing REIT market, transaction requirements and the modifications necessary to facilitate tax-efficient REIT investments in solar generation assets, and valuation issues that would be associated with such investments.

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