Gravity Power's Design Change and Progress Update

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Hear Tom Mason, power generation expert and CEO of Gravity Power, LLC, provide an update on his company's evolving technology and most recent project development activities and plans. Be sure to attend this webinar so you can participate in the live Question & Answer session that will followTom's presentation.

A little background: Gravity Power, LLC's “Gravity Power Module” (GPM) hydraulically lifts a massive piston inside a deep vertical shaft to store energy and releases the piston on demand to force water through a hydro turbine. Early units will supply 40-300 MW for 4 hours or more. The company plans to sell turnkey plants plus offer the technology in strategic markets through joint ventures or licensing. Gravity Power is working with developers in Germany, South Africa, France, the United Kingdom, the Middle East, India, China, Turkey, and California to develop commercial installations with the first projected to be started next year.

In late 2011, Tom presented a very popular webinar (you should click here to access the webinar recording) introducing Gravity Power's energy storage power plants in comparison to combustion turbine plants and other storage for peaking and ancillary services power.