Solar Above, Oil & Gas Below: Coexistence in Energy Project Development

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As you seek the optimal location for your solar project, you should be aware that the rights to subsurface minerals can dominate the use of surface lands even when there is a surface user conducting business over the mineral deposits. What do you know about the relative concerns and interaction between land surface rights and mineral rights? More importantly, what do you need to know?

Due to the ongoing explosion of oil and gas exploration within the United States, and Texas in particular, surface developments such as utility scale solar projects can encounter significant issues of relative concern. Listen to Randy Sowell and Greg Friend, two leading experts in this field, discuss the basics of the interactions between a mineral estate (oil and gas exploration) and surface estate (solar projects), and how this legal construct can influence solar development.

Although Texas is the focus of the webinar, reference will be made to Bureau of Land Management (BLM) development issues which primarily occur west of the Great Plains region of the US; significant because the BLM administers over 245 million surface acres of land and over 700 million acres of mineral estates within the United States.

First Greg and Randy will discuss relevant regulatory and policy issues and propose possible resolutions that attempt to allow both the oil and gas exploration outfit (mineral estate) and the solar project company (surface estate) to develop projects with reasonable legal and practical certainty. Then they will conduct a live Q&A session where you can find out how these issues affect you and your business.