Principal Solar Institute PV Module Ratings to Evaluate Lifetime Energy Production

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Are you aware that the energy produced over 25 years by PV modules can differ by as much as 50 percent, even though they have the same power rating? How do you know which module to select for your project? Choosing low-cost modules can give the impression that a PV project is at grid parity, but the ultimate metric for investors and consumers must be the long-term cost of energy production. Even so, developers cannot make the mistake of paying too much for the highest efficiency PV modules. In this webinar we will share our analysis of the PV module characteristics that determine Lifetime Energy Production, and discuss the how the Principal Solar Institute PV Module Ratings can be used to select optimum solar panels for your project.

In addition to direct cost-benefit analyses, the PSI PV Module ratings have been used by renewable energy investors in their utility scale solar due diligence process, and by Solarize Frederick County as a mechanism to document installers' choice of solar system components.

Join us for a free webinar by Dan Bedell and Matthew Thompson of Principal Solar Institute to learn how the PSI PV Module Rating works and how it may be used in your solar project development.