Eighth Grade Explanations: Why Solar Power in Texas?

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Join Dr. Rick Borry and Dan Bedell in a guest appearance to Mr. Chacchia's eighth grade science class at Killian Middle School in Lewisville, Texas. 

  • Where does the electricity in your house come from?
  • How much does electricity cost?
  • Which saves more money – turning off the lights or installing solar panels?
  • How does solar power work?
  • Why would we want to use solar power?

First, we will investigate the electric power system in Texas as it applies to the students' lives.  Then, the students will use math and science to analyze the engineering principles behind electricity conservation and solar power generation.  We will look at the best times and places to generate solar power, and we'll review some free resources and apps related to solar power and the electric grid in Texas.

We will broadcast the 3rd period class live via this webinar.  All middle school science classes are encouraged to join.  You will be able to ask questions via text chat and we will answer as many as we can.  We will record the session and it will be available to the public for playback.