Delivering to the Energy Marketplace – Texas Harvests Wind and Solar

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Texas is a well-known energy state, and is famous for oil and gas production. But surprising to many, it is also the nation’s leading electricity producer, generating more than 10% of the total US electric energy annually, according to the Energy Industry Administration’s most recent report. In fact, on a global energy producer scale, Texas would rank number 12, between South Korea and the United Kingdom.

With vast supplies of natural gas and coal, it is the national leader in electricity generated from fossil fuels, but Texas also leads in production by intermittent renewables – wind and solar.

To utilize these resources, Texas augmented their grid by creating Competitive Renewable Energy Zones, and constructed CREZ transmission lines to deliver these valuable resources to consumers. The Energy Reliability Council of Texas is charged with providing this massive market with dependable electric power. Even though the capacity of intermittent resources on the ERCOT grid is an impressive 15 percent, the energy generated and transported is still only about 8 percent – but growing.

How will Texas manage increasing penetration of renewable energy on the ERCOT grid? Are the CREZ lines situated to take advantage of optimum wind and solar regions? What are the risks and rewards for energy producers and consumers? 

Join us with industry expert Ron Seidel, former president of Texas Independent Energy, to share his insights and delve into these questions in our live webinar.