SolarBridge Technologies is making solar energy easier, more reliable and more affordable. SolarBridge and its partners are working together to drive solar adoption by delivering AC modules to the residential and commercial markets.


Power Portal

The SolarBridge Power Portal is a Web-based management system that enables system owners, installers and module manufacturers to monitor system performance 24/7. Unlike other systems that capture only aggregate, system-level data, the SolarBridge Power Portal manages and monitors the real-time operating performance of every AC module.

Power Manager

The SolarBridge Power Manager serves as the communications hub of the solar array, continuously monitoring the performance of every module in a PV system.

Pantheon Microinverter

At the heart of the SolarBridge AC Module System is the SolarBridge Pantheon microinverter, a DC to AC energy conversion device mounted on the back of each solar module.


Reliability By Design: Pantheon Microinverter


Pantheon microinverterPower Manager