The patent pending PowerParasol™ has opened up a new era in solar energy generation. Located in a city or town, a PowerParasol™ creates a shaded, park-like environment, improving rather than disrupting how the land is currently used while providing energy equivalent to hundreds of homes.

Strategic Solar Energy is ushering in a new approach to solar energy collection and will be building our patent pending PowerParasols™ across the country. From the beginning, our plan has been to build beautiful solar structures rather than hiding solar generation out of sight; to enhance land rather than consume it; and to work within the local electrical grid eliminating the need for new transmission lines. We create value with the energy we produce, the shade we create and the structure we build.

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Unlike other solar energy installations, PowerParasols are not hidden away from view like standard roof top systems or remote solar farm installations but are integrated into a community by covering parks, pedestrian malls, parking lots, campuses, playgrounds, viewing stands and other large open areas within cities and towns.


The Story of the PowerParasol


ASU PowerParasolArizona State University (ASU) PowerParasol parking structure creates shade and energy.ASU PowerParasolPowerParasol from above.