GridNavigator is a leading provider of intelligent energy index system (EIS) for commercial & industrial applications. Our solutions bring environmental and economic benefits to facilities management. We can help your company measure and control your energy usage and gain significant cost savings through detailed consumption measurement, energy strategy development, and demand management solutions. We take a holistic approach to enterprise power management through an integrated hardware/software solution that allows our clients to create a virtual Local Electricity Network (LEN). The LEN is connected to a wide range of appliances from heavy-load users like HVAC or production line machines to appliances as small as a utility circuit board, distributed generators, or a light switch.

Our EIS solutions allow us to manage your facility remotely and continuously improve your power management profile. We monitor and pinpoint your consumption at the appliance level. Facilities are notoriously complex and dynamic. Realizing optimal energy performance requires a high level of granularity and more timely analysis than can be gained from monthly utility bills. To maintain persistent, optimal energy performance, energy usage data should be actionable information.