E-Village Solar is a technology-oriented company dedicated to supplying the highest quality environmentally friendly solar components. E-Village Solar offers a full line of residential, commercial and industrial plug and power solar systems. We offer a broad and diverse range of panel technology including mono-crystalline, polycrystalline and thin film. We feel the future of PV reaching grid parity is held in new technologies.
We are proud to offer the new polycrystalline e-module and thin film micro-crystalline technology. Including these products into our E-Power Blocks are the future of environmentally safe photovoltaic power plants. E-Village Solar demonstrates its forward thinking by offering the 260 kW E-Power Block™ which is a modular design with your choice of stationary and/or solar tracker racking systems. We are very proud of our industry leading twenty-year complete system warranty.

E-Village has a full range of services including quoting, training, engineering and rebate administration work. We can offer your business any or all of these services. We are dedicated to support entrenched suppliers, contractors, architects, engineers and financial institutions to speed up company learning curves through our vertically integrated business model. We are dedicated to helping the traditional building trades companies and organizations to get into the solar industry.