Principal Solar Institute Online Conferences – Webinar Proposal Form

The Principal Solar Institute ( is a
community for solar installation professionals and developers who make
system component design recommendations and purchasing decisions in the
commercial and utility markets (more than 25 kW total size).

. Members must have selected or sourced more than $100,000 of solar
system components within the past 12 months

We organize and host monthly, 30-minute hosted webinars. We currently
offer two series:

. “Straight Talk” – a single vendor presents their product, what is new,
and where they are the best. This is not a typical sales pitch, as
the presenter must be a technical expert who can support all claims
with data and be able to explain the source of the data in detail to
an audience of skeptical experts.
. “Around the Corner” – these webinars discuss topics that will affect
commercial projects within a year, for example, government
regulations, utility and permitting issues, finance and legal changes,
and market trends.

Webinar Details

If you are interested in presenting a “Straight Talk” webinar, please
complete the form below and submit to

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This person is qualified to present your products to a technical audience
of in-the-field experts. She or he must be able to back up all claims with
data, and to be able to explain how the data was obtained and why it is
valid. Repeat this section as needed for additional presenters, panelists,
sales reps, etc.

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Other Contacts and Administrators

In addition to the Presenter, list other people who should be listed as
Contacts on your company Site. (This is where sales people belong.) Enter
“Yes” under “Admin Access” to give that contact access to make edits to
your Company Site.

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Presenter Guidelines:
. Must provide slides 7 days before Webinar for the moderator to review,
approve, and format in our template.
. Should focus on (1) What are your best products (2) What is new (3) In
what situations do you believe you have the best product in the world
. Must provide data to back any claims
. Must be able to explain how data was obtained, in sufficient detail
for the audience to evaluate its validity and conditions
. Must be open to a frank discussion of product weaknesses and
comparisons to other products' strengths.

Follow the 10-20-30 guidelines for Webinars (these are guidelines, not
strict rules, depending on the situation)
. 10 content slides (we'll add an introduction and conclusion slide)
. 20 minutes of content
. 30 point font (plus photos, data, and graphs) and 30 minutes including

Webinar Format:
. The official Webinar will be 30 minutes, but Q&A may expand to 50
minutes if desired
. 2 minute Introduction (Moderator)
. 20 minutes content (Presenter)
. 8 minutes Q&A (Moderator asks questions from audience of the
. (Optional) additional 20 minutes of Q&A if audience desires

. Webinars can be presented live or played back from pre-recorded format
. Presenter(s) must meet online with the moderator approximately 1 week
before the webinar, to test their system and software quality
. The presenter must be online, live during the webinar and Q&A
. Presenter will need:
o Quiet room free of back ground noise
o Computer with high-speed, fixed (Ethernet landline) Internet
o Landline phone with headset or quality handset


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